An annual report from the Southern Poverty Law Center describes a burgeoning new form of Christian supremacy sweeping the country.
Pensacola man Stephen Jay Thorn, 66, left five menacing voicemails for U.S. District Judge Wendy Berger, prosecutors said.
Sarah Clendaniel plotted with Brandon Russell, founder of the neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen, to destroy the power grids.
William Wolfe, a former senior White House official and self-described Christian nationalist, said Trump’s policy agenda in a second term would be more “radical.”
Jeremy Boreing changed his tune on Fuentes, offering the fascist influencer some compliments and only mild criticism.
A spokesperson for the center said she was disappointed that funding was withdrawn “as a result of lies and distortion ... shared by extremists.”
The Georgia Republican sent an affirmative response to a social media account calling out a reporter for being Jewish.
Conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec offered up some names to combat what conservatives say is Swift's effect on the female electorate.
But right-wing House Republicans said they’re not paying attention to the drama: “I’m not a pop person.”
The bill in question says “the Legislature, and no other official, shall appoint presidential electors.”